By: Bryan Chenault

At one point or another, we’ve all wanted to be in a band. Whether or not we actually played anything, we’ve all dreamt of the spotlight--up on stage, rocking fiercely, the crowd clamoring for our cool. But then comes the realization that we’d have to actually learn the music, to practice and get, like, good. After clanging around in a garage for a few months, trying our hand at writing a song or two, impatience and a brazen lack of talent got the better of us and alas, the dream ended.

But Art Brut’s frontman Eddie Argos...well, despite the poorly stacked odds, that bug kept gnawing at him. The first time out, with a band called Art Goblins, he ingratiated himself to the audience by playing a vacuum cleaner on stage. But with Art Brut, Argos assembled a proper--if not a bit odd--gang of four: guitarist Ian Catskilkin (imagine a young Mick Mars), bassist Freddy Feedback (L7-looking German grunge goddess), stand-up drummer Mikey B (Weezer-obsessed mod; also German) and guitarist Chris Chinchilla (later replaced by Art Goblins original Jasper Future). And under Argos’ half-baked reign, the unlikely fivesome bashed out the brut-ally honest and wickedly funny Fall-esque classic Bang Bang Rock and Roll.