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Espresso We serve only Anvil Brand Coffee, which is the best coffee that we could find and we search from Seattle to Italy.
Coffee All our coffee is ground fresh and served in a French Press creating a unique and robust coffee experience.
Americano A combination of our gourmet espresso with water for those that do not wish to have as intense coffee
Cappuccino Named so for the tan and white robes of monks of the Capuchin order in Italy. This drink served well should be half milk and half velvety foam with a shot of espresso.
Latte Similar to the cappuccino, this beverage has less velvety foam and more milk.
Mocha Start with a delicious latte and blend in Ghirardelli dark chocolate.
Hot Chocolate Made with either Ghirardelli white or dark chocolate
Blended Coffee Creamy blended coffee beverage
Pixie Mate A Colorado company that makes Mate beverages by blending Yerba Mate with other organic ingredients. Flavors include Chai Mate, Mocha and Original.
Monin Flavoring At Empyrean we use only the best products which is why we chose Monin as our coffee syrup. Monin uses only natural ingredients and real cane sugar as opposed to corn syrup which most other brands use. Check out www.monin.com for more details.

Hot Tea  
Paris A fruity black tea with a hint of lemony bergamont and vanilla
Florence A decadent blend of chocolate and hazelnut flavored black tea
Bangkok A combination of organic green tea, lemongrass, ginger, and coconut
Ginger Oolong A wonderful Oolong tea with a hint of ginger
Lemon Verbana Grown in France this Herbal tea has a pleasant lemon taste without the caffeine
Pekoe Supreme A traditional black tea
Green Tea with ginger, citrus, and ginko
Chai Tea Assam tea with cinnamon, cardamon, and nutmeg
Jet Tea Blended Mango or Strawberry Banana

Boylans Soda Cola, Diet Cola, Orange Cream, Grape, Root Beer, & Cream Soda
Buderim Ginger Brew A spicey, flavorful ginger ale!

Fresh Mozarella, Roma Tomatoes, basil and pesto on a pesto bagel
with creamy horseradish and provolone on an onion bagel
with roasted pepper aioli and havarti on a parmasean bagel
Bacon & Cheese, Ham & Cheese, or Sausage & Cheese
Pepperoni, Sausage, or Veggie on a sundried tomato bagel